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Xi'an Aerospace Huayang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an aerospace military enterprise affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Xi'an Aerospace Engine Co., Ltd. The company has more than 860 employees and has a high-end mechanical and electrical equipment R & D center with more than 120 people, a decoration material equipment division, a flexo printing equipment division, a precision coating equipment division, a new energy and new materials equipment division, and a precision manufacturing division. Ten independent accounting divisions, including the Ministry of Machinery, the Machining Division, the Roller Manufacturing Division, the Sheet Welding Division, and the Paint Spraying Division. The company's existing plant covers an area of 41,000 square meters, with more than 390 sets of various processing and testing equipment.

Xi'an Aerospace Huayang Co., Ltd., as an industrial enterprise of aerospace technology application, adheres to the aerospace enterprise's excellent tradition of "scientific and realistic, serious, courageous to climb, and dare to surpass". After more than 20 years of development and technological innovation, it has vector frequency control tension control Technology, servo-driven tension control technology, shaftless transmission control technology, solvent residue control technology, efficient drying technology, suspension drying technology, comma, dimple, slit, gap and other precision coating technologies, precision coating composite technology , Computer integrated control technology, precision machinery manufacturing technology and other core technology group. The company has 189 national patents and 32 computer software copyrights. At present, the company has developed into five series of high-end equipment manufacturers and technical service providers such as precision coating equipment, new energy and new material equipment, decorative material equipment, satellite flexographic printing equipment, aerospace military products and intelligent equipment manufacturing.

Xi'an Aerospace Huayang Company has fully passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, GJB9001B national military standard quality system certification and EU CE safety certification in 2001, and has established a comprehensive after-sales service system. Aerospace Huayang will always adhere to the aerospace enterprise spirit of "confidence and self-reliance, selflessness and fearlessness; perfection and perfection", dedicated to serving new and old customers!

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