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华阳公司连续八次获得“中国家具行业十佳供应商”。 Huayang Company won the "Top Ten Suppliers in the Chinese Furniture Industry" for eight consecutive times.

卫星式柔版印刷机荣获“改革开放40周年机械工业杰出产品”。 ● The satellite flexographic printing press won the "Outstanding Product in the Machinery Industry for the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up".
首台超宽幅卫星式柔印机交付俄罗斯客户。 ● The first ultra-wide satellite flexo press was delivered to Russian customers.
The first water treatment film casting and coating integrated testing machine was successfully developed.
成功开发了智能管家系统。 Successfully developed the smart housekeeping system.
多功能精密涂布机荣获陕西省科技三等奖。 ● The multifunctional precision coating machine won the third prize of science and technology in Shaanxi Province.


● "The complete set of Shengmosen