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Huayang successfully passed the three-level review of safety production standardization
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From November 28th to 29th, 2019, Huayang successfully passed the three-level review of safety production standardization.

Under the supervision of the Emergency Management Bureau of the Aerospace Base and under the guidance of Xi'an Aerospace Engine Co., Ltd., the Shaanxi National Defense Science and Technology Industrial Technology Development Center and an expert review team organized a three-level review of our company's production safety standardization. The review team is composed of 4 senior security experts. The expert group strictly complies with the “Scoring Rules for Basic Standards for Safety Production Standardization of Metallurgical and Other Industrial and Trade Enterprises”, including 13 elements, 42 secondary elements, and 194 enterprise standards. The review and other methods were compared one by one and scored item by item, and the review was conducted objectively and truthfully.

It is believed that the safety leadership of Huayang Company attaches great importance to clear goals; highlights governance and comprehensively regulates on-site rectification; safety production management continues to operate with stable performance; a strong propaganda atmosphere, solid safety-based work, and significant safety results.

The review expert team agreed that the on-site review of Huayang Company met the three-level safety production standard and reached the standard scoring standard, and passed the on-site review.

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