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Huayang precision coating project opens intensive delivery mode
Published on: September 3, 2020【 Close this page

In order to better achieve the company's overall business objectives in 2020, the company's "100 day struggle to improve quality and efficiency" action has been carried out for more than a month. All departments have taken active actions to carry out activities and organize implementation around the overall production and operation tasks of the company from R & D design, production organization to logistics support. All business divisions of the company concentrate their efforts on ensuring delivery. The precision coating equipment of seven customers, such as China Lekai, Zhejiang Dean, Zhejiang pangdu, have recently passed the acceptance check and have been delivered one after another.

        The food grade paper coating equipment of pangdu in Zhejiang Province was well received by customers after delivery. This kind of equipment is to coat several layers of water-based coating on paperboard to replace the traditional PE coating. Driven by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of ecological environment jointly issued "opinions on Further Strengthening the treatment of plastic pollution" and the rising voice of environmental protection, plastic container substitutes and paper containers PE coating layer replacement The generation scheme has become a general trend, and the related enterprises in the field of FMCG are speeding up the investment and R & D of this scheme.
        The products of aerospace Huayang precision coating assembly project are mainly used in electronic functional adhesive tape, optical grade film, flexible circuit board, solar cell backplane, lithium battery separator, photo paper carbon tape and other related fields. Knowing that the packaging industry has this market demand and change trend, we will actively assist the relevant enterprises with this demand, develop coating equipment meeting the requirements in 2019, develop a new market segment for Huayang precision coating project, and contribute to Huayang's environmental protection.

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